SyngenTech · Biogeek

The desire for perfection drives us to innovate

High quality Biogeek reagents make science easier for you

Superior raw materials

Excellent tenologies

High efficiency

Detailed reports


Custom bioreagents

Strict QC

Versatile services

Simplism · Efficiency

The relentless pursuit of simplism, high efficiency and perfection makes us scrupulous about every detail of our products.

Curiosity · Innovation

Our curiosity towards nature enables us to develop innovative products for your research

Relentless pursuit of details

Strict QC guarantees the quality of products delivered to you, and ensures that consistent experiment results will be obtained.

SyngenTech · BioGeek

Based on the Company's current mission - Committed to providing scientists around the world with high-quality, innovative technical services and products - SyngeTech will continue to focus on improving its R&D ability to address unmet needs in various scientific fields, especially in synthetic biology.

“I felt like a scientific geek when I first used BioGeek reagents. Their quality is even better than those from international biotechnology companies." ——Jiwen from a molecular biology lab

"When I received a trial product from a salesman, I found the packaging was pretty good. Then the quality really startled me after several uses. Most importantly, their technicians gave me very useful advice on the genome editing service they offered me." ——Zhangxin from a cell biology lab

"In comparison with bioreagents from other companies, BioGeek offers more cost effective, consistent and efficient products"

——Xiangqin from a biotechnology company

"High quality products! Amazing services!"

——Xingyue from a cell biology lab


Experienced scientists in SyngenTech will offer any technical support or scientific advice for you.
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We provide custom products and services to meet your specific requirements
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Experienced and professional staff in SyngenTech will follow through every product and technical service we provide.
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We are looking forward to partnering with other complementary biotechnology companies or agencies
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