We offer powerful and versatile cloning tools for the critical step in your experiment

Our high quality cloning bioreagents allow you to finish the critical step in a quick and cost-effective way


Finishing an experiment from overnight to 5 mins - We spare your mind for more critical thinking

Quick LigaseTM Kit

Less labor · High efficiency

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About routine PCR

What if we have to use trace amounts of starting materials for amplification template, for example, DNA from soil, milk or blood?

GeneTaqTM DNA Polymerase

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Experienced scientists in SyngenTech will offer any technical support or scientific advice for you.
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We provide custom products and services to meet your specific requirements
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Experienced and professional staff in SyngenTech will follow through every product and technical service we provide.
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We are looking forward to partnering with other complementary biotechnology companies or agencies
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