Transcriptional inhibition


To decrease gene expression at the transcriptional level is another applications for the CRISPR/Cas9 system, namely CRISPRi (CRISPR/Cas9 mediated transcriptional inhibition). By tagging a transcriptional inhibitor to dead Cas9 (dCas9), a mutated Cas9 lacking endonuclease activity, site-specific inhibition of gene expression can be achieved in a RNA-guided manner.

SyngenTech uses KRAB as a transcriptional inhibitor fused with dCas9. KRAB, a universal inhibitor, can prevent the binding of RNA Polymerase III and other transcriptional factors (TF) to DNA, thus represses gene expression. CRISPRi provides a complementary approach to RNA interference, though CRISPRi regulates gene expression primarily on the transcriptional level while RNAi controls genes on the mRNA level.

Scheme of transcriptional inhibition using CRISPRi technology

KRAB, anchored to a specific gene locus by the CRISPR/dCas9 pathway, prevents the binding of RNA Polymerase II and some other TFs for downstream transcriptional inhibition.



SyngenTech provides one-stop service for transcriptional inhibition using CRISPRi technology, including the upstream experimental design to the downstream preparation of stable cell lines. Our optimized dCas9-KRAB system can be used to inhibite the expression of any endogenous gene or combination of them in mammalian cells. We also developed whole genome transcriptional inhibition technology for gene functional study and target gene screening using custom gRNA libraries. We will offer you custom and top-quality services at unbeatable prices.


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