Non site-specific gene knock-in


SyngenTech uses lentivirus as a carrier for delivering of exogenous DNA into genomes. Lentivirus is an HIV-1-based retrovirus that effectively transduces both dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells. Having been widely used in cell engineering, Lentivirus transduction provides stable, long-term expression of target genes in a wide range of host cells. Compared to other retroviral system, lentivirus vectors results in a higher viral titer and efficient expression of the gene of interest.

Scheme of non site-specific gene knock-in using Lentivirus as a carrier

Lentiviral particles transduce cells by injection of their genome along with the target gene (single-stranded RNA, ssRNA). A reverse transcriptase then converts the ssRNA genome into double-stranded DNA that is randomly integrated into the host genome, and replicated and transcribed as the host genome does.



SyngenTech provides one-stop service for generation of specific stable cell lines using lentivirus as carrier, including the upstream vector construction to the downstream genotyping. Our service allows you to choose a constitutive or inducible promoter for gene (mRNA, miRNA, shRNA) expression. You can also outsource parts of this complex process to us. We will offer you custom and top-quality services at unbeatable prices.


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